Bounce House Rental Selection Ideas and Tips

Bounce House Rental Selection Ideas 

Does your Party Rental company help with the selection of your event items? Knowing and asking about the participant age group and activity level can make the difference in selecting the right inflatable, bounce house rental or obstacle course rental.

Toddler Bounce House Rentals

For instance, 1 to 3 year olds enjoy the Jungle Toddler with bright colors and small ride ons like the Toddler Jungle Bounce House.  Parents are able to easily view their little ones from the top allowing the little ones to have freedom but also wave back to their parents.

Preschool Bounce House Selections

Consequently,  the 3 to 6 age crowd enjoy their independence but also the success of doing it themselves on our Party 3 and 1 a bounce house rental that combines an obstacle course scaled for the younger crowd. For bigger events, a combo bouncer like our Wizard 4n1 provides the bounce house with slide for more play area and fun.

Elementary School Obstacle Course Rentals and Combo Bouncers

For the younger elementary school kids, a combo bouncer or obstacle course tailored for this crowd is a highlight for these kids.  Most important is the ability of the younger kids to complete an activity with limited assistance in order to feel that sense of accomplishment.  Even though an obstacle course may look neat, keep in mind the time and attention span in completing the activity.   In addition to obstacle course and bounce house inflatables, carnival games, balloon pop games and interactive games with lights and sensors are fun for this age group.

Middle School and High School Party Rentals

Most obstacle courses like our Boot Camp, Black Ops or Delta Force are perfect for dual lane racing.   The middle school and high school crowd enjoy racing each other on obstacle courses and experiencing the thrill of our inflatable zip line, bungee trampoline or wipeout game.   Large obstacle courses can also manage a large crowd with a throughput of around 300 kids per hour.

Adult Obstacle Courses 

Adults also get into the action on the rock wall and adult sized inflatables such as our giant wrecking ball game and our extra long Boot Camp .  The latest craze for the adult set is a wipeout game that includes a mechanical boom requiring skills in jumping and ducking or the wrecking ball option that tests balance, strength and agility.  Along with interactive games, Slip and slides,  dunk tank rentals, cash cube or money machines are often great party ideas.  Just don’s forget the margarita machine for great drinks.

Rental Season Breakdown

Water slides are typically great event rentals from April to September and can range in size from 18 feet that is good for the 4 to 12 year olds to the ever popular 27 feet tall water slide with slip and slide attached for the adventurous 8 year old to adult.   During the summer, items like obstacle courses, dry slides and bounce houses can get extremely hot and should be utilized with caution.   During the winter, the cash cube /  money machine are really popular. Just remember that the cash cube can be used with real or fake money, coupons or tickets.

Plan ahead for Potential Weather Events

Sometimes having an alternate plan for weather can be easier than you think.  In most cases, bounce houses, water slides, zip lines and obstacle courses have limitations when it comes to rain and wind.  For example, when winds are sustained above 20 mph or gusts are stronger than 20 miles per hour,  inflatables can become dangerous and will need to be let down or not setup.  Most larger party rental companies will have the flexibility and inventory to move an outdoor event indoors if you have a little flexibility on the items for your event.  If an alternative plan is needed, make sure to know the power availability, ceiling height, size of indoor facility in advance and make the call early enough to give the party rental company time to load and setup the modified party rental items.

Book the Perfect Event

At Starwalk of Dallas, we help with the fun factor to make your event great.  Just remember, in the Dallas area, September and October and April and May are extra busy times for inflatable rentals so plan early and talk with a specialist to find the right items for your next party rental. Everyone will be thrilled when they have inflatables that are tailored to maximize their fun.   Call Starwalk of Dallas to let us help with your next event.

Bounce House Rentals

Book Your 2018 Fall Bounce House Rentals and Party Rentals Now

Summer is the key time to start booking your bounce house rentals and party rentals.   Did you know that September and October are the busiest time for Bounce House Rentals, Party Rentals and Inflatable Rentals in Dallas and summer is the best time to start booking these events?  Church and school festivals are all taking place around the same time all looking for bounce house, obstacle course or wipeout obstacle rental for their fall festival in order to take advantage of the great weather.  Some of the larger festivals include a Zip line rental as well as a Rock wall rental during this season in order to add that wow factor to their event.  At Starwalk of Dallas we have 100 inflatables and other party rental items to make your event successful.  The key is planning and coordination to make your party rental event run smoothly.


The Extreme Water slide rental is our 27′ Blue Crush with slip and slide – 65’Lx20’Wx27’H is available for your next party or event. This slide is excellent for ages 8 to adult for birthday parties, festivals, community programs, family reunions, schools, church events. Waterslide Rental staffing is available for public events if needed.

Starwalk of Dallas also has new 18 foot and 22 waterslides for rent. Are you wanting the bright fun colors for your waterslide rental this summer, Starwalk of Dallas has several new water slides that will surely entertain your guest. We can provide water slide rentals in the North Dallas, Richardson, Carrollton, Plano, Garland, University Park, Highland Park and Garland areas. Outside our normal delivery area, just give us a call. We are all about the customer experience.


Need an alternative to the waterslide or Dunk Tank but want the water fun, try our Extreme Hydro Blaster. The Extreme Hydro Blaster is an action pack 1 to 4 person game using a bike pump to add air to pop balloons. The fun gets even better when the balloons are filled with water and the competition to pop the water balloon over your opponents head. This is a great addition to any party and can be used with or without water. Add a little sparkle to your next event and book the Extreme Hydro Blaster with confetti balloons.


We have custom made steel dunk tanks on trailers for rental. Pickup or delivery is available. These oversized dunk tanks are built for commercial events in mind but also good for home events. Our dunk tanks hold around 500 gallons take about 40 minutes to an hour to fill (depending on water pressure) and about 15 minutes to drain. Starwalk of Dallas dunk tank rentals are easy on the pocket book.

The Extreme Hydro Blaster and the fun has just begun with this 4 person interactive game that uses participant power to pump up balloons filled with water, air and or confetti. Pop the balloon and watch the fun begin. Young kids love to participate and accomplish the balloon pop while the older fans like the challenge and ability to pop water balloons on their friends head. This is a must have at your next event. Call us for more information.


Starwalk of Dallas has an idea for entertaining the toddler crowd at your upcoming festival or the little one’s next birthday to keep them engaged in a fun environment. The Jungle Toddler Inflatable is perfect for the 1 to 3 year old crowd that are too small for the bounce house but enjoy freedom and independence in a fun environment. The Jungle Toddler is 17x14x10 and allows parents to keep an eye on their children by peaking over the top of the unit. Toddler’s love the bright colors and the inflatable ride on animals and slide inside the unit.


Amazon Zip Line provides a unique experience to fly through the air with the safety of an inflatable below. Good for ages 5+ and a little on the adventurous side. We staff this inflatable with 4 people to ensure safety of participants. School festival coming up, get your name on the list early for this item. Request a Quote and Book Now.


Looking for a giant inflatable rental, our Ninja Warrior Dome – Wipeout Obstacle Course Rental is a great compliment to our other large inflatable rentals.   The Ninja Warrior Dome with mechanical wipeout arm also comes in a non-mechanical wrecking ball option.

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Ninja Warrior Dome – wipeout

The Ninja Warrior Dome Inflatable Obstacle Course tests your speed, strength, and agility.   This fun and popular inflatable features two spinning booms and a wrecking ball; players must either jump over, duck under, or otherwise avoid, OR risk getting knocked down. Players can race each other as they jump from pedestal to pedestal while the booms and ball spins, jump in place over the spinning boom as they try to stay on top of their own pedestal, or create a completely new game of agility and speed: the players’ imagination (and the top of the dome) is the only limit!


The Boot Camp is an extra long obstacle course that can handle a range of participants and makes a statement at any event.  the Boot Camp Inflatable has a multitude of obstacles and allows 2 players at a time to participate in a head to head match.  See who can get across the rope swing first and take the challenge up the wall and slide down to the end.

In addition to our Boot Camp and Delta Force that both have military themes, the Black Ops Inflatable  immediately will have you saying, Troops, Your Mission is to take the Fort.

Each team will enter the narrow pathways full of squeeze through, stone pillars, & passage ways in order to get to the rock wall by scaling the wall to the Fort being careful on the pivoting bridge & then slide down the chute to victory!


Slap Happy Cones – Watch the cones light up and chase the light. 3 different programs allows for individual or multi player modes and can be set up in a multitude of configurations which is excellent for kids from 3 to 75. Challenge the timer or challenge your buddy but don’t let the slap happy cones fool you as these can keep you slapping and moving throughout the game. The lights can also be added to the Inflatable Galaxy Games for an even more exciting experience. Call us now for more information.


The Mini Turbo Rush – Dual Lane Obstacle Course Rental – is a great obstacle course for ages 3 to 12. This obstacle course rental is two obstacle courses in one and provides a mirror image allowing kids to race their friends through the obstacles. The mini turbo rush fits nicely in most gyms for those indoor events.  Starwalk of Dallas can include both units or just one side depending on your needs and space availability.


Money Machine / Cash Cube  are a  great way to provide a fun experience to patrons, students and friends.   Our money machine –  cash cube – ticket cube is a great reward for your employees, students, customers or friends.  Kids love the cash cube filled with play money or coupon tickets.   Adjust the amount of money collected from the money machine – cash cube – ticket cube using our timer that can be set from 15 second to 4 min auto timer that can be set as desired.

Try your luck for big bucks or use fake money or tickets for the younger crowd with prizes.

The money machine is a great way promotional for employee participation and to reward employees.   It is also a proven way to attract attention at any event or promotion.

The Money machine works by having the participant  collect as many dollars, promotional vouchers, or real money as they can in the allotted time.  The . money machine / cash cube / money cube is great for promotional advertising, promotional ideas, grand openings, employee incentive programs, trade shows, casinos, car and truck dealerships, banks, radio stations, fund raisers, trade shows, and lots more with the ability to customize  with your advertising, corporate logo and/or corporate name on the solid and large plexiglass windows using window slicks.   These window slicks can be designed and delivered in days making personalizing the machine a breeze.

Use real money, fun money, promotion vouchers or a promotion coupon can be used.   There is no better advertisement for your company or product, than seeing your guests or passers-by trying to grab your personalized vouchers and coupons.  We also have an optional money collection box that can be added to the front of the Money Machine to provide more challenge.  We can  also help modify the timing and accessories so that  you have control over how much players can win in the Money Machine. Winnings are controlled by time in machine, use of cash collection box, denomination of cash, and amount of bills in the Money Machine.

Lacking room for a full sized money machine rental, try our table top money machine which we call the one arm bandit.  The concept is the same just the scale is sized down and only your arm is used to grab the money.


Looking for a margarita machine while the kids enjoy their bounce house rentals, then look no further. Star Walk of Dallas has both single and dual margarita machines available for last minute rentals. Delivery is free within a 15 mile radius of our North Dallas warehouse. To save more, pickup is also available. We have both single and dual margarita machines that can serve between 80 and 160 servings. Want some variety, our dual margarita machine rental allows for margaritas on one side and daiquiri mix on the other. We also carry cotton candy and popcorn machines in case the little ones also need something yummy.


Starwalk of Dallas is owned and operated by Stacey and Trey Wood.
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Our story began when we decided to leave the corporate world to provide fun and give back to our community through Kona Ice serving shaved ice. We have had an incredible experience owning and operating 3 Kona ice franchises in the far North Dallas, Richardson and Carrollton areas.

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In mid 2017, we decided to expand the fun by purchasing Star Walk of Dallas from David, Sally and Marc Lubin who where retiring from the business after serving the Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex for over 20 years.

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