Amazon Zip Line

Swing into the fun at your next birthday celebration or event and rent the Amazon Zip Line!

At 70′ long and 36′ high, our Amazon is perfect for thrill-seekers of any age.

Of course, our mission is to provide you with a safe any easy rental experience. We also want you to have an EPIC time.   As such, we pride ourselves in having the cleanest rentals.

We typically staff our inflatable zip line rentals with 3 to 4 attendees.

For events with elementary age children, 4 attendants are required to allow support in unbuckling the seats at the end of the ride.

Amazon Zip Line Rental - Portable Zip Line Rental

  • 3 hours minimum
  • 4 x 20amp electric outlets
  • 70′ X 28′ X 36′ Tall
  • Ages 5 up

We can set up indoors or outside with the appropriate clearing heights.

For a rule of thumb on number of riders on the course to be about 1 to 2 per minute. We like to provide this range since we know that fun and safety takes time.

  • Before entry, shoes are removed
  • The rider then enters 1 to 2 at a time climbing the inflatable ladder up to the top of the Amazon Lip Line
  • At the top, a Star Walk of Dallas staff member instructs the rider on where to stand to wait for their turn.
  • Once the harness is ready for the rider, our staff instructs them to sit in the harness.
  • Our Star Walk of Dallas staffer then buckles each side of the harness.
  • After that the rider is instructed to site back and hold on to the top rope
  • The rider then sits on the edge and with a little bounce
  • The rider is off gliding through the air.
  • At the end, a stopper slows the riders descent.
  • The inflatable wall helps to stop the rider.
  • A Star Walk staff member then helps unbuckle the Zip Line.
  • Finally, the rider jumps down onto the soft inflatable surface.
  • The rider then exits the Amazon Zip Line.