Bungee Trampoline

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Take your party to new heights with our bungee jump trampoline rental.

This bungee jump rental will send your guests soaring 24 feet in the air.  This makes it perfect for the adventurous kid or the adrenaline seeking adult.

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Jump sky high….The rider is first centered on one of our inflatable trampolines. Then the rider is secured in a adjustable, padded harness by a trained operator.

Additionally, a combination of power cords and an electric winch allows the jumper to jump up to 24 feet in the air!  This combination of bungees and lift enhances the jumpers’ ability to perform front and back somersaults as well as reach heights that are thrilling.

Minimum rental 2 hours. Separate vehicle delivery charge may be required.  For setup, a stable hard surface is required to set up the trampoline.  The area required is 30 x 30 feet.

Starwalk Euro Bungee Trampoline Rental

This portable trampoline rental is a great addition to festivals, church events, school carnivals and so much more.  For a great large event consider the Amazon Zip Line, Wrecking Ball, Delta Force obstacle course and bungee trampoline.

Circuits needed: 1
Item Dimensions: 30′ X 30′