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Cash Cube  | Money Machine

Different name, same great rental item. Our money machine –  cash cube – ticket cube – money blowing machine rental – money cube is ready to rent.

It is a great reward for your employees, students, customers or friends.

This money blowing machine rental makes a great item at conferences and trade shows. In addition, it is perfect for a holiday party idea.

Kids also love to use this machine filled with play money or coupon tickets.  Actually, this makes a great reward  for kids.  So, think of it at your next field day.

Call it a ticket blowing booth and use it as a reward for kids at field day.  Watch as the kids  grab for tickets with prizes on them. Also, try putting coupons that the kids can redeem for special treats or time off from homework.   This is a great item on a field day with an obstacle course or bounce house.

The ideas are plenty and the fun is blowing in the wind. Need some help with ideas?  Our party planning leads have the insights to help you create a great event.  Surely, the money blowing machine will be one of the highlights.

Money Blowing Machine Timing

It is easy to adjust the amount of money gathered using the timer function in the money blowing machine.

In most cases, people use a 20 to 30 second setting in the money cube.  Because you adjust the cash booth timer between 15 seconds to 4 min, you control the amount the player captures.

Concerned about the lines or giving away too much money?  That’s not a problem when you get both our wheel of fortune and money blowing machine.

The  player gets to go in the booth if they hit a certain spot on the wheel of fortune.


Raising money, try having players pay to spin and then if they hit the cash booth zone, then their luck has just begun.

In addition, if the front cash box is used, the bills players gather drops down but the fun factor escalates. Sometimes at trade shows, the money booth will be set to go for a longer period to entice customers to come try the booth.

Also, try your luck for big bucks or use fake money or tickets for the younger crowd with prizes!

Employee & Customer Perk

In addition, the money machine is a great way to promote employee morale or provide rewards.

Of course, the money blowing machine or cash cube attracts the attention of everyone!  Watch as players enter into the money box and start a whirlwind of flying money.

The money machine is a great holiday party idea.

Advertise with the Cash Cube to Draw Customers

Likely the best use for the money blowing machine / cash cube / money cube is for promotional ads. In addition, it can be used for promotional ideas, grand openings, employee incentive programs.

In most cases the Money Blowing Machine is typically the highlight of an event. So think about it for your trade shows, casinos, car and truck dealers, banks, radio stations, fund raisers, trade shows events.

The best thing is the ability to customize the Cash Cube with your ads.  Imagine having your corporate logo and/or name located on the front for great advertising.

How much can be gathered?  Well, winnings vary by time in machine, use of cash box, cash value , and amount of bills in the Money Machine.

Use real money, fun or fake money,  promo  vouchers or a promotion coupon.   Watch your guests or passers-by try to grab your custom vouchers and coupons.  There is no limit to the fun.