Dry Slides

Dry Slide Rental

Looking to take your next party or event up a notch? Starwalk of Dallas provides high-quality, affordable dry slides to the entire Dallas metroplex. Dry slide rental made easy. GET QUOTE

These inflatable dry slides are a fun and safe way to engage in some friendly competition.  Bring out your inner warrior and battle each other in our inflatable joust arena, or see which one of your friends is the ultimate all-star athlete in our inflatable sports arena.

There’s no age limit on fun. Our inflatable dry slides come in a variety of sizes.  Whether you need an inflatable dry slide rental that can accommodate an elementary school to be able to participate in a short amount of time.

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        18' Taste the Rainbow Dry Slide
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        22' Cascade dry slide - Gray
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        22’ Blue Waves Dry slide
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        Dolphin Dry Slide
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        Super Splash Down Dry Slide
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      • DRY SLIDES – Fun without the water – We Deliver the Fun Inside or in the Sun.

        Planning an event can be stressful, which is why we do everything to make the rental process as easy as possible. From double lane dry slides to single lane large slides, we have the bounce house slide for your next event. Just choose one of our inflatable party rentals above and we’ll email you a quote.

        Inflatable party rentals are large, and often tedious to setup on your own.  Let us do all the heavy lifting for you. Our inflatables will be delivered to your location and will be set up by our crew of experts.

        We have one of the widest bounce house and inflatable slide inventories.  Our delivery crews in Dallas are excellent which makes us the perfect supplier for both large and small events.

        Ditch the boring and bring the fun to your next birthday party, festival, church, community, or company event. Contact us now at 214-340-6666to reserve an inflatable dry slide rental that will make your next event unforgettable.

        Not All Dallas Inflatable Party Rental Companies Are the Same

        At Starwalk of Dallas, we strive to create safe and memorable experiences for our customers. We follow the highest industry standards and all of our inflatables have been inspected by the State of Texas Amusement Rides Division. We also thoroughly clean our inflatable games after every use.

        We’re one of the leading inflatable party rental companies in the Dallas area– and there’s a reason for that.

                              • Insured & Inspected
                              • 100% Clean Guarantee
                              • A+ Rating
                              • Expert Setup
                              • Bulk Discounts Available

        Starwalk of Dallas is a full-service amusement and inflatable party rental company. This means we handle everything from delivery to installation to pick up. We have a wide range of products in our amusement arsenal and can offer bulk discounts for your parties, picnics, bah mitzvahs, and corporate events.

        If you’re looking for an inflatable party rental company you can trust, choose Starwalk of Dallas.  GET QUOTE