Dunk Tank

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Enjoy the fun of a dunk tank and watching the face of your friends, teachers or co-workers as they fall into the water.   You can define the distance at which to throw the baseball or softball.  In addition, our dunk tank has a clear plexiglass front to catch the look when the dunkee drops into the water.

Our dunk tank rentals are easy since we provide the setup and tear down.  Comes with 3 balls used to strike the dunk tank arm.

Thinking about a dunk tank for your corporate event, no problem.   As long as you have a water source to fill the large tank, the fill process for the dunk tank takes about 45 minutes with a standard water hose (depending on water pressure).

Want to be in the dunk tank?  Insurance requires those 18 years and above.

Looking for a dunk tank for rent or dunk booth rental?

Need more fun than just a dunk tank? We have inflatable obstacle course, water slides and more… Also try our Hydro Blaster Extreme – 4 Player that takes the dunk tank to a multi-person water balloon game.

hydro blaster extreme balloon pop game