Obstacle Courses

Obstacle Course Rentals are easy with Starwalk of Dallas. Whether it be a military or kid’s obstacle course, we have them all.  Starwalk of Dallas provides a fun filled entertainment idea for your next event.  Our Boot Camp is a military course design.  With over 80 feet long and providing a challenge for participants from 5 up, this military course is a great selection.

Need a giant obstacle course, check out the Indiana Adventure that is the largest available.  On a smaller scale, we provide a perfect compact course for birthday parties and school events.    Enjoy the thrill of seeing kids climb and jump in a fun, safe and clean environment.


Need a challenge for teens or adults, why not try the wipeout style Ninja Warrior wipeout inflatable.  When a boom sweeps around and tries to knock participants off their pedestal, players laugh with joy.  Watch while the Star walk of Dallas operator controls the boom speed to allow players to be challenged while remaining safe.  Rest assured, the Wipeout inflatable has safety features that stops the boom when it hits any resistance.

Have an upcoming company picnic or school carnival or need a good indoor option, try a 52 foot or our 65 foot mega challenge inflatable.  These inflatable are good for all ages, configurable to fit your space and provide a quick setup to get your group playing in no time.


In Texas cities, rules and restrictions vary on inflatables in parks.  Some Park and Recreation departments require registering an event and may require a fee.  Check out the specific requirements in your city.   For park setups, it is the renter’s responsibility to understand and abide by these park rules.   Starwalk of Dallas is not responsible for any fees for not obtaining the proper permits.