Silly Shower – The Dunk Tank Alternative

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The Silly Shower is another alternative option to a Dunk Tank.  It can be used for all ages. You can use it as a toss game throwing bean bags or a golf putting game.

This is the safest dunk tank made. The person sitting is completely enclosed inside the Plexiglas booth. Throw the bean bags at the target and if it goes in the hole, the shower turns on and soaks the person inside!!! This dunk tank offers great participation even for the most timid individuals due to the safe design. It is the only dunk tank designed to be used both indoors or outdoors … Even if your next Birthday Party or Company Picnic is Rained-Out and brought inside – The Silly Shower is there.

Perfect for under 18 crowd that can’t participate in a dunk tank.

  • 3′ x 4′ x 7′ Tall
  • Ages 5-Adult

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