Ideas for Team Building Activities in Dallas

At Starwalk of Dallas, we suggest getting some fresh air at your next team building event.  Get inspired by the popular TV show challenges.  Get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine.  We have experience working with corporations, small businesses, school and church groups.  The fun is all around and we bring it to your door.  We help teams bond over fun.  Here are a few of our team building activities and ideas.

Team Building Activities – Idea 1: Inflatable Obstacle Course

We have all heard about how Boot Camp fitness training is taking the world by storm.  We have an Inflatable Boot Camp that is a challenge to conquer.  Have fun as the team crawls through the obstacles. They can swing across on a rope swing. Then they climb up the wall and slide down.

Do you have a competitive group?  Then make the activity a relay race.  The Boot Camp obstacle course has 2 lanes. Enjoy the fun all in a safe inflatable environment.

Team building activities - boot camp inflatable obstacle course

Team Building Activities – Idea 2: Wipeout and Meltdown

Duck and Jump are the key moves to keep from being wiped out by the rotating boom. Our Wipeout is huge.  It is an 8 person inflatable version of the Wipeout spinning arm game seen on TV.  It is a sure fire way to have the team cheering for their co-workers.  This will get the crew moving and laughing all at the same time.  Even the spectators will have a great time.

Team building ideas - wipeout meltdown inflatable

Team Building Activities – Idea 3: Money Blowing Booth

Enjoy the whirlwind of air blowing bills.  You don’t need to use money to have fun.  Put tickets or other paper with prizes written on it to make a special experience.   Tempt even the most skeptical to enter the booth. Then watch them grab as many bills  as they can.

It is so much fun to watch.  The challenge of grabbing bills or reaching for dollars is funny to watch. The player experience is awesome. Try to hold on to their cash while reaching for more.  Watch your team cheer on the person in the booth.  They will be secretly trying to come up with their own  approach to grab the most.  Rewarding from multiple aspects.

Team Building Activities - Money Booth | Cash Cube


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