Water Slide with Pool for Rent

Starwalk of Dallas is offering a water slide with a pool attached to it, free to all ages in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Fun water slide for the Family!

Rent a water slide today for you and your family and spend some quality time together. This water slide is two-stories high and children decide from what height they want to slide down from, making it a whole lot safer for them. Parent won’t have to worry about their kids safety because starwalk of dallas has it all! This slide has something for everyone from hanging out in the pool to even jumping from the second story of the bounce house.



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FIRE N' ICE WITH POOL  - DUAL SLIDE  The first two-story water slides, that let kids choose from what height they want to slide down. Climb up the ladder and stop at the first platform, or continue 3 ½ feet higher and slide down the second onto an Inflatable Landing Mattress.  

  • 32' X 19' X 20' Tall
  • 1 of 1.5 HP Blower

This is a two-story water slides that let kids decide from what height they want to slide down.

1 HP Blower

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%Beyond Bounce Houses%Starwalk of Dallas


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Circuits needed: 1
Item Dimensions: 34x17x20
Space Needed: 34x17x20