Tropical slide and splash




Slip and Slide to rent – Tropical Slide and Splash!

This great slip and slide is great for people of all ages, from small children to adults. The slide is perfect for those who want some fun in the sun! At 26 feet, this slip and slide provides for the perfect slide. You’ll fell like you’re at the beach, wherever you rent it. Kids will love the bright colors, but don’t forget the slide! The dual lanes also make for an excellent race track. Over all, this is a safe, fun, and easy to set up slide that everyone can enjoy.  All you have to do watch us deliver, set-up and is inflate, attach a hose, and then you are ready for this slip and slide! You should definitely get this for your slip and slide rentals. Let’s slip and slide!

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26' tropical slide and splash makes sliding into the pool super fun.  This unit is perfect for those wanting some summer fun  at schools, churches, summer camps and more.

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%Beyond Bounce Houses%Starwalk of Dallas

Tropical slide and splash

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